Lions serve – a simple ethos we've upheld since the inception of Lions Club International in 1917. Our clubs epitomize unity, where individuals dedicate their time and effort towards bettering communities and the broader world. If you're just discovering Lionism, this website offers insights into the impactful work of the Lions Club of Coventry Godiva. For existing Lion members, especially those considering a trip to Coventry, we hope our shared stories here inspire a visit. With a volunteer presence unparalleled by any other service club organization, Lions clubs are deeply committed to initiating positive change, resonating in local communities across the British Isles and worldwide.

Community Service & Fundraising

At the heart of any service organization lies a commitment to community service and fundraising. On the first Sunday of every month, the Lions Club of Coventry Godiva, in partnership with Midland Langer Seva, serves meals to Coventry's homeless population. Dedicated Godiva Lion members not only offer their time but also sponsor these meals in rotation.

Moreover, we champion health initiatives, hosting free awareness and testing events covering topics such as diabetes, as well as specialized sessions focusing on women's and men's health.

Over the years, our fundraising endeavours have been diverse and impactful. Highlights include the Annual Mela, Charity Golf Tournaments, Sponsored Walks and Swims, Musical Talent Nights, "Wake Awake" gatherings, Racing Nights, festive celebrations like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve parties, and themed events like Santa’s Grotto, Life in the Pind, Elvis Night, and the Beer Festival. Additionally, we organize raffles, store collections at local supermarkets and festivals, and employ online platforms like Facebook, Instagram and GoFundMe to bolster our fundraising efforts. Join us as we strive to make a difference!

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