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The Lions Club of Coventry Godiva is proud to extend its support to the Guardian Ballers project, a Coventry-based mental health and wellbeing initiative dedicated to empowering our youth. Using basketball as its medium, Guardian Ballers not only teaches the sport but also emphasizes the significance of character and identity. This initiative provides young individuals with a robust foundation, providing them with the tools to influence their present and future positively. Beyond the game, it fosters personal growth, enabling these youngsters to cultivate a profound understanding of their core values and self-worth.

Over the years, the club has also been actively involved in fundraising efforts to support schools in India. Through various initiatives and events, the club has successfully raised funds to provide much-needed resources and support to these schools. The members of the club have shown great dedication and commitment to this cause, organizing fundraisers such as charity dinners, raffles, and community events. The funds raised have been used to improve infrastructure, purchase educational materials, and provide scholarships to deserving students. The impact of the club's efforts can be seen in the improved facilities and opportunities that the schools now offer to their students. Their continuous support has made a significant difference in the lives of many children, empowering them with better education and brighter futures.

The Godiva Lions have always supported the Leos. This support helps the Leos to execute meaningful community service projects and initiatives. The Godiva Lions see the energy and potential in the Leos and is dedicated to helping the Leos become future leaders.


1 in 3 students reports being cyberbullied;

20% report skipping school because of it or violence.

2 in 3 students in 160 countries worry about violence in and around schools.

Reading scores and bullying are directly correlated.

Schools with positive school climate practices like Lions Quest have lower rates of absenteeism and bullying.